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  • This is my Aunt Maria Elena. My uncle from my moms side was married to her. They didn’t divorce. A few years ago, she died because of cancer. Back then, I was younger and didn’t understand it. I only knew that I would never see her. When I was little, around 2-3 years old, she used to care for me. I would go to her house when my parents worked, I went in the lunch truck with her that my uncle and grandma owned (while she cooked orders, my aunt would make me a little extra for me to eat here and there). She treated me like I was her son. And I felt like she was my mom (I used to call her mom when I was little because my cousins would). The reason why I talked about my relationship with her, is because about a few minutes before I posted this, I was watching a few videos on YouTube. I hadn’t even thought about my aunt all day today. There was a moment where I’m watching the video that I smelled something. Nobody was around, but it smelled like hand cream. Like the kind girls wear with different scents. It smelled very familiar, but I know I hadn’t smelled that in a long time. As I’m trying to think of what it was, my mind raced all the possibilities. There was a moment where my mind had been totally erased except for “Tia Maria Elena” at that moment, I knew she was/in the same room as I am in. Idk how, but I know she is/was. I felt like she was in the room. After thinking about it, I felt like she is still watching over me. Like when I was little…

    RIP Tia<333

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