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    I should walk over to starbucks and get myself a #PumpkinSpice #Frappuccino 👌🎃

    You should hook me up mindyourshenanigans 😄👍
  • music questions (these are creative and fun so lets do them)

    • 1: favorite band.
    • 2: favorite singer.
    • 3: favorite guitarist.
    • 4: favorite bassist.
    • 5: favorite drummer.
    • 6: a musician you have a crush on.
    • 7: bands or musicians you've seen live.
    • 8: your favorite song when you were 12.
    • 9: your favorite song when you were 15.
    • 10: your favorite song when you were 18.
    • 11: your favorite song now.
    • 12: a song that says something about your love life.
    • 13: a song you listen to when you're sad.
    • 14: a song that makes you dance.
    • 15: a powerful song.
    • 16: a musician you'd like to meet.
    • 17: a song that is a collaboration of 2 or more artists you love.
    • 18: favorite live dvd.
    • 19: oldest band / musician you listen to.
    • 20: favorite classical composer.
    • 21. a band/musician your friend(s) like(s), but you hate.
    • 22: a band/musician that someone/something made you hate.
    • 23: the musician you find the nicest.
    • 24: the musician you find the most attractive looking.
    • 25: favorite album(s).
    • 26: favorite song which lasts more than 10 minutes.
    • 27: a song that always makes you cry.
    • 28: a song that feels like it's made about you / for you.
    • 29: a song of one of your favorite bands/musicians that you'd show to someone to introduce the band/musician to them.
    • 30: a band/musician you loved, but now can't stand.
    • 31: a band/musician you used to hate, but now love.
    • 32: a band/musician who made you listen to the kind of music you like most. (first one of the kind that you heard)
    • 33: do you and your partner(s) / best friend(s) share music tastes?
    • 34: a band / musician that both you and your parent(s) like.
    • 35: a band / musician that made you meet someone you have loved.
    • 36: song(s) that would be theme songs for your life or parts of it.
    • 37: a band / musician you'd like to see live, but it's never going to be possible.
    • 38: the favorite music cd / dvd(s) you own.
    • 39: an album you want to own.
    • 40: do you own any vinyls?
    • 41: a concert you could have attended and wanted to attend, but something made you not go. (e.g. health issues, work)
    • 42: a musician you wish hadn't died.
    • 43: a band / musician whose works helped you last through the day.
    • 44: a song you love to listen to when it snows.
    • 45: a song you love to listen to when it rains.
    • 46: a song that makes you smile.
    • 47: a musician that shares similarities with you. (can be looks or personality or tastes)
    • 48: favorite song from a movie or favorite anime opening.
    • 49: sure there is a language you don't listen to music in, but you have this one song or band / musician that you like anyway. what's that?
    • 50: the newest / youngest of the bands you like.
    • 51: your ringtone.
    • 52: your phone alarm.
    • 53: a guilty pleasure song.
    • 54: a guilty pleasure band / musician.
    • 55: your favorite song in your mother language.
    • 56: a song you listened to for laughs, but then actually loved it.
    • 57: your favorite picture of one of your favorite bands.
    • 58: the song that is currently playing. if you're not listening to any, the last song you listened to.
    • 59: a song that you just can't stop humming / singing.
    • 60: your favorite love song.
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  • EDITORIAL - April, 1966

    Hello, Brian speaking,

    This is the fifth time that I’ve edited our magazine.
    You know, it’s not easy be an editor. There are always frantic panics like one of the other Stones leaving their bits until the last minute. I’m not joking, you have to stand over them. It’s not that they don’t want to do it, they just like annoying me. But I’m just the same when it’s their turn.

    One of our favourite pages is the Stones Post, we really get a kick from reading all the mail, and I only wish we had the time to answer it all personally. We especially like the poems and would like to receive more - you must go to a great deal of trouble writing them. So I’d like you to know they’re very much appreaciated.

    Charlie is our expert typist, he has his own technique - he uses both his thumbs, otherwise he might damage his beautifully groomed finger nails! Ouch! Didn’t mean it Charlie!

    As you can imagine, we all have a big giggle sorting out the pics each month. We sit there sending each other up to the heavens. The ones we get the biggest laugh from, are the old ones taken about three years ago - talk about fashion changings, and our hair, we looked practically bald then.

    Be good and see you soon,
    Brian Jones


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  • send me a color on anon

    • Deep Red - I request your company for pizza.
    • Red - We should watch anime together
    • Pink - I rather like your face
    • Blue - You’re beautiful
    • Rose - Your blog is great
    • Purple - You’re hotter than the southern hemisphere
    • Plum - I would fuck you.
    • Violet - I would date you.
    • Aqua - I'm rather fond of your blog
    • Lavender - You are my tumblr crush.
    • Orange - We should hook up
    • Tangerine - We don't have much in common but we should fuck anyway
    • Amber - Notice me
    • Cream - We don't talk, but your blog is A+
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    Maybe we should placard everything with something like this. Feel free to spread it. Because it is the truth. The only truth.

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    Redditor AL0311 posted this picture of his friend dressed up as Ray Rice on Sunday, writing, “My friend came to the party as Ray Rice.”

    “Ladies were falling for my friends Ray Rice costume,” he wrote in a second post today.

    This is fucking disgusting. What part of a woman being KNOCKED OUT UNCONSCIOUS is funny/appropriate for Halloween? Stop.

    Full Article x

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    *rubs hands together* so how much caffeine am I going to dump into my garbage body today

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